Art doesn't teach, you can learn from the Art but you will learn it by yourself. Art only shows us the sides of the reality, different angles of view. In the Art you can see something that you could miss in the real life, Art have ability to freeze the moment, freeze it and scale it up, to see the situation in more detailed.

Artists can see more and go through any boundaries. They can get to the heart of the matter, they go where conventional means of communication fail to convey the point. What artists see cannot be described in words, that's why a piece of art becomes a communication tool. This is a different level of communication, and therefore it is a different level of understanding that you will get.

Wisdom is in the Nature, and to understand it you must be able to see the details. Art is highlighting those details for you. You just have to see it. You will go out and will wear a beautiful rare bird print, you know how important this bird is for the Earth/Life balance. Someones will see it on you, will see that bird for the first time in their life, and the world will be changed. At the same moment awareness increased, knowledge transferred and maybe Wisdom will be found. Possibility was created.


Tucan bird Shorts Art4nature


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